Welcome to this blog about international politics, diplomacy, political theory and a bit of fury. I hope you enjoy the content. Please feel free to use any of it that you find affecting, although please cite correctly and just pop me an email to let me know (statelessdiplomat@gmail.com). I would also love to hear from you for no particular reason, if you would like to author a guest post or just to discuss something I’ve posted about or should post about.

I am passionate about diplomacy and conflict resolution because I feel that the most difficult challenges in our world today are built on a lack of strong relationships between people, conflict, especially armed, being the most extreme embodiment of this. I also feel that much of the population of western developed states have an extremely strong group serving bias or in-group favouritism which I find distressing. While in-group bias is a natural response to everyday facts such as distance community economy and urban culture, it should not apply to phenomena like the huge disparity in basic security and living standards.
On that note, please use some of the issues in this blog to start your own discussion, with yourself or others, about what international law and diplomacy can do for you, and what they can do for the world.
Thanks for reading,

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