Innovative Learning Week: Tuesday too – Fundraising workshop

I started this workshop by listening to students compare how hard their academic lives were. Newsflash for any younger Diplomats: university is hard.
This presentation was pretty simple in its content. Three ways to fund raise: sponsored activities, events, grants.
Sponsored activities are things like shaving your head, running a ludicrous distance etc. in return for sponsorship.
Events – put on something fun and make a profit.
Grants are the application after application please-fund-me way.
Tips I picked up include –
  • that fundraising in groups is usually more successful, so grab some friends and split the cash.
  • that a 200 word summary is usually the right length for your informativeness
  • that social media is a big deal and I am way less familiar with Twitter than I thought I was.
So basically, it’s not that hard. Get out there and do some good people!



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