Stick it to The Man: The less terrifying minor parties on your ballot

Dear Australian Voters,
We here at The Diplomat love an election, but can’t help but notice all the whinging about the options available in the Australian Federal Election. We know the vote is tomorrow, but thought we could give you some different options for your electorate, as well as something to ward off the fear of below the line voting on your senate paper.
Here is a quick list of the sane minor parties, as judged by SD, whom you could use to demonstrate your frustration with the major parties safely:
Why they’re not insane or terrifying: The 23 Million have no political values, other than a democratic review of the political system, by qualified academics using a random sample from the states. Basically, you’re voting for a study.
Animal Justice Party –
Why they’re not insane or terrifying: This party are essentially an environmental party, whose manifesto dedicates their purpose to scrutinising legislation’s effects on particularly native australian fauna.
Australian Democrats –
Why they’re not insane or terrifying: KEEP THE BASTARDS HONEST! is still the slogan of this party, which you may be familiar with from this clip from The Gruen Transfer. Essentially a balancing party, they are generally centralist and focus on electoral opinion. Watch for comedic effect too.


Why they’re not insane or terrifying: This party is so named as the founding members come from small business backgrounds in the construction industries. Their main policies are centred around affordable housing and infrastructure development, but they also have progressive policies on disability care provision and healthcare. No insanity on immigration or social issues in sight.
Carers Alliance –
Why they’re not insane or terrifying: A one issue party who place emphasis on the fact that almost every australian will be a carer or cared for in their lifetime, either in old age or infancy, or in the event of accident. Their policies stem from adequate care and welfare provision, and social equality.
Why they’re not insane or terrifying: A tricky party, who believe in minimal government. This is a two sided coin with marriage equality on one side and nuclear energy, financial deregulation and privatisation on the other. Basically they don’t want the government to prohibit anything unless absolutely negative: apply to circumstance of your choice.
Why they’re not insane or terrifying: Based on freedom of speech and equality their documents prioritise Freedom of speech and related rights, Justice, Privacy, Dignity and freedom from pain.
Why they’re not insane or terrifying: Does what it says on the tin.
Why they’re not insane or terrifying: Not the one issue party or attention seekers sometimes they’re made out to be, the Sex Party are essentially boiled down to individual liberties and secularism.
Why they’re not insane or terrifying: Here are their five principles. Their website gives clear succinct policies on a very wide variety of issues. 
Solidarity and collaboration – not dog-eat-dog competition and rivalry
Environmental sustainability – living in harmony with the planet
Participatory democracy – not just voting for “representatives” every three years
Social economy – putting people’s need before corporate profit
True equality – between peoples, nations, religions and the sexes
Voluntary Euthanasia Party –
Why they’re not insane or terrifying: A one issue, does what it says on the tin party.
Why they’re not insane or terrifying:  Particularly good second protest vote for their proportionality stance on asylum seekers, and centralisation on the issue of transparency. No Julian Assange worship in sight, and unlikely to win a seat, so an excellent choice to exercise a voice.
So why should I vote for a minor party?
Minor party votes are a strong call for major parties to steal policies from these parties, meaning you can vote for small one issue parties to express strong opinions on those issues. In addition, it expresses your disdain for the political climate created by the status quo. Putting small parties first and your major party choice second or third is generally a wake up call strategy, and is one of the best uses of the preference voting system. 
Any questions, feel free to drop a line and we will endeavour to answer as many as possible before you’re called to the booth. Happy Democracy Australia. 

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