12 Best #indyref Tweets of the Week

After the first debate between Aye and Naw camps in the Scottish Independence Referendum Campaign, Twitter was aflutter with witty insight. Here is the Diplomat’s selection of the best tweets this week on the hashtah #indyref.

 The standard sarcasm. 

 And then there was lots of chat about the currency,

including this panda doing a BetterTogether impression:

And the unavoidable Commonwealth Games reference:  

Then this person suggested serenades for peace,

And then @Dave_GD brought Mel Gibson into it. 

  No debate is complete without a few ad hominem attacks

Including this one that cut both ways –  

 This man should be the new Scots poet laureate, for keeping the language alive.

This person went to way too much effort on photoshop: 

And finally, a show of Scotland’s toughness on both sides:



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