Zimbabwe: the forgotten investment

The international community has known that the 93 year old leader must soon lose his long grip on power, but little has been done to prepare for a transition.


Opinion: Bishop should face Australia’s record with International Law

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has warned China that it must respect international law, following the state’s rejection of the Phillipines arbitration case over its claims in the South China Sea. ‘While we take no position on competing claims in the South China Sea, Australia’s commitment to freedom of navigation and overflight consistent with international…

The Queen’s Speech for International Relations

While the Queen’s Speech today in Westminster focussed largely on constitutional and welfare matters for Britain, it outlined the UK’s plans for its year in international affairs, and not just those rigid state visits. Here is a phrase-by-phrase analysis of the key global facing parts of The Gracious Address: My government will renegotiate the United…