We must not lose sight of ourselves in the symbolism of Westminster

Attacks on Westminster must not give rise to narrow conclusions about the global climate. National Security policy should wake to take a more holistic view.


Politics I Watch: The Arts (Film) – Angela Belot

Politics has always influenced my work. I think it’s very hard for me when I’m writing not to be influenced by the world presently. What has motivated me in the past and presently is how political decisions in Australia are labelling LGBT people as second class citizens. In Australia, the rights of LGBT people could…

Politics I Watch: The Arts (Music) – Cam Maggs

Photo by Matt Cammo at the John Curtin Hotel  From my shaky-footed beginnings playing covers in a backpacker bar with holes in the floor circa 2009, I think it’s safe now to say that I’ve got a few tentative sapling roots in the Melbourne live music scene. Last year I joined the band of an amazingly talented…