Why Macron’s France will be the most powerful since World War II

France and its new President, Emmanuel Macron, have inherited a good chunk of the reliance of their numerous allies to maintain global peace and security. It probably wasn’t what the newcomer head of government was looking to win when he ran as an outside chance, almost a protest candidate, in France’s presidential race, but in 2016, the shift began with a series of political upsets, unpredictable elections, and destabilising forces, to what has now emerged as a new era for France on the world stage.


Should REACH be implemented in the US? – A Global Environmental Law Student’s Guide to REACH: IL Facts

REACH – the Basics Source: abv-environment.eu REACH, or the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals is a result of EU Law Directive No. 1907/2006. This directive’s aim was to create a new standard for evaluating chemical substances that circulate within the European Union. The directive requires all companies that are either importing chemical substances into…

IL Facts: The Passive Personality Principle: What is it? – Guest Post by Rabia Majeed

The gist Accurately summed up by Malcolm Shaw, the definition of the passive personality principle is: “a state may claim jurisdiction to try an individual for offences committed abroad which have affected or will affect nationals of the state”. In layman’s terms this allows states jurisdiction to pursue individuals outside their territory for civil and…